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Gin and The Banker


Consuelo Lock

Marla Aaron

Consuelo Blocker is a well known Brazilian/Italian personality who commissioned us to make her a lock with some specific characteristics. We made it for her and people loved it so much we made a version to add to the collection.

12 diamonds surround the blackened white gold closure of this latest version of the Chubby Medium Lock. This Chubby Medium Lock is 2.5cm long and 1.3cm wide and the lock itself has a circumference of 3.5mm with the closure at 9mm. It is smaller than a Regular Lock, larger than a Babylock, and larger than our Heartlock. It is about the same height as a medium lock, and definitely thicker. Other than our Large Lock, it is our heaviest lock.

14k Gold

.36 Carat Inverted Diamonds

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